Yeah Maybe No got a grant!

Wow! The last few weeks have been huge for this project. The first big piece of news is that Hank Green of the vlogbrothers found my project and offered me their first Nerdfighers Indie Grant. Hank has been working with his brother John for seven years building a small empire on YouTube. They are using the money they get from their pre-roll ads to help out other creators, and I am profoundly honored to be singled out by them and offered this support.

Hank was in town for XOXO last weekend, and he shot this video of me talking about the project:

This support has enabled me to hire Kerri Lynne Thorp as an editor. I met Kerri this summer while working at a grief camp sponsored by NW Documentary and the Dougy Center. We were part of a small team that worked closely with teenagers making memorial videos for their lost loved ones. It was an incredibly rewarding experience, and a great way to meet someone with a deep sense of compassion and ability to work with intense material. With the new footage from earlier this month, there's a lot of re-writing to do, so I am so grateful to have some help pulling the story together. We dove in this past week and things are moving right along.