Restorative Justice Podcast

I sat down with two students at Reed College, Frankie Breedlove and Eleanore Denegre, to learn more about their efforts to bring a Restorative Justice program to Reed College. 

Restorative Justice for sexual assault cases is an idea that has been pioneered and championed by Mary Koss, a researcher whose work was seminal is starting the campus sexual assault debate more than 30 years ago. It offers a pathway for survivors to pursue accountability from their perpetrators that is separate from the criminal justice system. However, because it is experimental, time-consuming and costly to implement, students seeking these justice alternative don't usually have access. 

Reed College's proposed Restorative Justice policy is a collaborative student-led effort to create a Restorative Justice program at Reed. We define Restorative Justice as an alternative, voluntary, non-adversarial Title-IX process that requires perpetrators to be fully accountable and embraces survivor autonomy. Our goal is that throughout this process, both parties are supported in healing and harm reparation by their community. If you are interested in learning more about Restorative Justice, you can contact